The Gitam is implementing various measures to make its campuses eco-friendly. These initiatives span across energy conservation, renewable energy, water harvesting, check dams, carbon neutrality, plantation, hazardous and e-waste management, green certification of existing and new buildings, participatory learning and implementation by students and faculty.


  • The three campuses are well-known for their greenery. Students and faculty are active participants in numerous plantation drives in the nearby localities. The NSS/NCC wings of the Gitam are very active in this regard.
  • Gitam has risen to the occasion and rendered yeomen services to the community at Visakhapatnam in the wake of the unprecedented Hudhud Super Cyclone of 12th October 2014. Alumni of the Gitam, including those from North America, have risen to the occasion and rendered timely help and support for re-plantation and rejuvenation of the battered localities and parks of Visakhapatnam.
  • Gitam commitment to ecological health is evident from the almost complete restoration of greenery at Visakhapatnam Campus within weeks of the Hudhud Super Cyclone that left behind a trail of fallen and uprooted trees. All the constituent departments and centres of the Gitam put in their expertise and helping hand in the restoration programme. A variety of trees, especially Artocarpus, Mangifera, Anacardium, Pongamia, Azadirachta, Ficus and Syzium, known for their high wood density and consequent enhanced carbon sequestration potential, were literally reborn.